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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, yes, indeed, madame," continued Monte Cristo, "thesecret dramas of the East begin with a love philtre and endwith a death potion -- begin with paradise and end with --hell. There are as many elixirs of every kind as there arecaprices and peculiarities in the physical and moral natureof humanity; and I will say further -- the art of thesechemists is capable with the utmost precision to accommodateand proportion the remedy and the bane to yearnings for loveor desires for vengeance."
2.  "Do you think the Count of Monte Cristo had ever been inFrance before he made this visit to Paris?"
3.  "I do, indeed; and this I swear by the two beings most dearto me upon earth, -- my father and Mercedes."
4.  Morrel rushed forward to tear it from him, but Monte Cristoperceiving his intention, seized his wrist with his irongrasp. "You wish to destroy yourself," said the count; "youhave written it."
5.  Chapter 100The Apparition.
6.  "And, further, that he stated to M. Danglars his intentionof only staying a year in Paris, during which time heproposed to spend six millions.


1.  "Yes, if you will not consent to retract that infamouscalumny."
2.  "Why?"
3.  "A telegraph?" repeated Madame de Villefort.
4.  "Mercedes came again, and she found him so altered that shewas even more anxious than before to have him taken to herown home. This was M. Morrel's wish also, who would fainhave conveyed the old man against his consent; but the oldman resisted, and cried so that they were actuallyfrightened. Mercedes remained, therefore, by his bedside,and M. Morrel went away, making a sign to the Catalan thathe had left his purse on the chimney-piece. But availinghimself of the doctor's order, the old man would not takeany sustenance; at length (after nine days of despair andfasting), the old man died, cursing those who had caused hismisery, and saying to Mercedes, `If you ever see my Edmondagain, tell him I die blessing him.'" The abbe rose from hischair, made two turns round the chamber, and pressed histrembling hand against his parched throat. "And you believehe died" --
5.  "Everything is possible in this affair, even a miracle."
6.  "Ah, so much the better, I feared this little precautionmight have been forgotten."


1.  "And what would you do, my dear diplomatist," repliedMorcerf, with a slight degree of irony in his voice, "if youdid nothing? What? private secretary to a minister, plungedat once into European cabals and Parisian intrigues; havingkings, and, better still, queens, to protect, parties tounite, elections to direct; making more use of your cabinetwith your pen and your telegraph than Napoleon did of hisbattle-fields with his sword and his victories; possessingfive and twenty thousand francs a year, besides your place;a horse, for which Chateau-Renaud offered you four hundredlouis, and which you would not part with; a tailor who neverdisappoints you; with the opera, the jockey-club, and otherdiversions, can you not amuse yourself? Well, I will amuseyou."
2.  "But do you think we shall find the count at home?"
3.  "How curious! -- what is his name?"
4.  "The truth, my dear count. Oh, how happy you must be in nothaving either wife or children!"
5.   "I have another," replied Maximilian; "but I fear you willdeem it even more absurd than the first."
6.  "Waiter," said Danglars, "pen, ink, and paper."


1.  "Yes."
2.  "Just as he was, his mind perfectly clear, but the sameincapability of moving or speaking."
3.  But, in spite of Albert's hope, the day passed unmarked byany incident, excepting two or three encounters with thecarriage full of Roman peasants. At one of these encounters,accidentally or purposely, Albert's mask fell off. Heinstantly rose and cast the remainder of the bouquets intothe carriage. Doubtless one of the charming females Alberthad detected beneath their coquettish disguise was touchedby his gallantry; for, as the carriage of the two friendspassed her, she threw a bunch of violets. Albert seized it,and as Franz had no reason to suppose it was meant for him,he suffered Albert to retain it. Albert placed it in hisbutton-hole, and the carriage went triumphantly on.
4、  "What an appetite you used to have! Is it as good now?"
5、  "It is miraculous!" continued Morrel, answering his ownthoughts.




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      "Certainly. And when I told you I had foreseen the result,it is the honor of your visit I alluded to."

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      "No vampire," cried Beauchamp. "No Count of Monte Cristo"added Debray. "There is half-past ten striking, Albert."

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       Two hours passed thus. It was intensely dark; still Ali,thanks to his wild nature, and the count, thanks doubtlessto his long confinement, could distinguish in the darknessthe slightest movement of the trees. The little light in thelodge had long been extinct. It might be expected that theattack, if indeed an attack was projected, would be madefrom the staircase of the ground floor, and not from awindow; in Monte Cristo's opinion, the villains sought hislife, not his money. It would be his bedroom they wouldattack, and they must reach it by the back staircase, or bythe window in the dressing-room. The clock of the Invalidesstruck a quarter to twelve; the west wind bore on itsmoistened gusts the doleful vibration of the three strokes.

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      "Well, then, if you did, depend upon it, Fernand picked itup, and either copied it or caused it to be copied; perhaps,even, he did not take the trouble of recopying it. And now Ithink of it, by Heavens, he may have sent the letter itself!Fortunately, for me, the handwriting was disguised."

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    {  An old man, decorated with the cross of Saint Louis, nowrose and proposed the health of King Louis XVIII. It was theMarquis de Saint-Meran. This toast, recalling at once thepatient exile of Hartwell and the peace-loving King ofFrance, excited universal enthusiasm; glasses were elevatedin the air a l'Anglais, and the ladies, snatching theirbouquets from their fair bosoms, strewed the table withtheir floral treasures. In a word, an almost poetical fervorprevailed.

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      "Then you forget me, so much the better."}

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      "And I promise to give you the satisfaction of a gentlemanif your scheme turns out as ingenious as you assert."

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      "If we choose," replied Danglars, "he will remain what heis; and perhaps become even less than he is."

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       "There is no Count of Monte Cristo" said Debray.

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    {  "Ah, you see" --

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      Noirtier answered only by a look which made Villefort'sblood run cold. He motioned to Valentine to approach. In amoment, thanks to her habit of conversing with hergrandfather, she understood that he asked for a key. Thenhis eye was fixed on the drawer of a small chest between thewindows. She opened the drawer, and found a key; and,understanding that was what he wanted, again watched hiseyes, which turned toward an old secretary which had beenneglected for many years and was supposed to contain nothingbut useless documents. "Shall I open the secretary?" askedValentine.