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1. Then Terry, wholly in his element, made a polite speech, with explanatory gestures, and proceeded to introduce us, with pointing finger. "Mr. Jeff Margrave," he said clearly; Jeff bowed as gracefully as a man could in the fork of a great limb. "Mr. Vandyck Jennings"--I also tried to make an effective salute and nearly lost my balance.
2. 只有在大城市兴起之后,大量的人才开始在拥挤的室内生活。
3.   "Ma foi, he has an open look about him that pleases me, inspite of the singular remark he has made about me."
4. 它们也是北京首都医科大学附属北京妇产医院拒绝为徐枣枣冻卵的主因。
5.   He was unwilling to let me go; and stood, holding me out, with a hand on each of my shoulders, as he had done in my own room.
6. 而到了白天,在太阳的照射下,冰层随时都会断离、崩塌。


1.   "I care nothing so long as you clear my wife. Everything on earth isinsignificant compared to that."
2. 这意味着,新三板有三分之一公司是“僵尸”。
3.   Martha
4. 六、王国与部落
5.   `I think so. But it is, as I have told you, next to impossible. I even believe it--in some cases--to be quite impossible.'
6. 同时全球最主要的船舶公司,往往会选择自己控股的港口作为中转港,因为成本更低。


1.   Mephistopheles
2. [亚马孙热带雨林]亚马逊热带雨林AmazonRainForest位于南美洲的亚马逊平原,占地700万平方公里。雨林横越了8个国家:巴西(占森林60%面积)、哥伦比亚、秘鲁、委内瑞拉、厄瓜多尔、玻利维亚、圭亚那及苏里南,占据了世界雨林面积的一半,占全球森林面积的20%,是全球最大及物种最多的热带雨林。亚马孙雨林被人们称为“地球之肺”。···更多
3.   Delusion, from their eyes the bandage take! Note how the devil loves a jest tobreak!
4. 这样做主要是为了避免了逆向选择,即信贷欺诈分子专门利用“买单侠”套现的发生。
5.   "Might I ask from whom?"
6.   Let me but gaze one moment in the glass! Too lovely was that female form!Mephistopheles


1. 最终,在卫生部门、公安机关、当地政府的通力配合下,张某秀被送至洪雅集中隔离观察点,进行强制隔离,也因此成为洪雅县新型冠状病毒感染肺炎防控工作开展以来,首个被强制隔离的对象。
2. We were sitting together in a shaded arbor, in one of those eating-gardens of theirs. The delicious food had been eaten, a plate of fruit still before us. We could look out on one side over a stretch of open country, quietly rich and lovely; on the other, the garden, with tables here and there, far apart enough for privacy. Let me say right here that with all their careful "balance of population" there was no crowding in this country. There was room, space, a sunny breezy freedom everywhere.
3. 2020年公司将在2019年收缩聚焦、降本增效等方面已取得进展的基础上,继续狠抓当期运营改善,提高资产周转速度,提升资金回报水平,全力以赴争取实现2020年度扭亏的目标。
4. 但未来如果只剩下3个预控制器,传统的供应商就要变成软件供应商。
5. 潇湘晨报:一共团购了多少套?苏玉:总共是322套吧。
6. 不过卡戴珊家族真正的爆红则是从2007年开始的,最大的功臣就是——二姐金-卡戴珊。


1.   There was I, then, mounted aloft; I, who had said I could notbear the shame of standing on my natural feet in the middle of theroom, was now exposed to general view on a pedestal of infamy. What mysensations were, no language can describe; but just as they allrose, stifling my breath and constricting my throat, a girl came upand passed me: in passing, she lifted her eyes. What a strange lightinspired them! What an extraordinary sensation that ray sent throughme! How the new feeling bore me up! It was as if a martyr, a hero, hadpassed a slave or victim, and imparted strength in the transit. Imastered the rising hysteria, lifted up my head, and took a firm standon the stool. Helen Burns asked some slight questions about her workof Miss Smith, was chidden for the triviality of the inquiry, returnedto her place, and smiled at me as she again went by. What a smile! Iremember it now, and I know that it was the effluence of fineintellect, of true courage; it lit up her marked lineaments, herthin face, her sunken grey eye, like a reflection from the aspect ofan angel. Yet at that moment Helen Burns wore on her arm 'the untidybadge;' scarcely an hour ago I had heard her condemned by MissScatcherd to a dinner of bread and water on the morrow because she hadblotted an exercise in copying it out. Such is the imperfect nature ofman! such spots are there on the disc of the clearest planet; and eyeslike Miss Scatcherd's can only see those minute defects, and are blindto the full brightness of the orb.
2.   Climate plays an important part in determining the average numbers of a species, and periodical seasons of extreme cold or drought, I believe to be the most effective of all checks. I estimated that the winter of 1854-55 destroyed four-fifths of the birds in my own grounds; and this is a tremendous destruction, when we remember that ten per cent. is an extraordinarily severe mortality from epidemics with man. The action of climate seems at first sight to be quite independent of the struggle for existence; but in so far as climate chiefly acts in reducing food, it brings on the most severe struggle between the individuals, whether of the same or of distinct species, which subsist on the same kind of food. Even when climate, for instance extreme cold, acts directly, it will be the least vigorous, or those which have got least food through the advancing winter, which will suffer most. When we travel from south to north, or from a damp region to a dry, we invariably see some species gradually getting rarer and rarer, and finally disappearing; and the change of climate being conspicuous, we are tempted to attribute the whole effect to its direct action. But this is a very false view: we forget that each species, even where it most abounds, is constantly suffering enormous destruction at some period of its life, from enemies or from competitors for the same place and food; and if these enemies or competitors be in the least degree favoured by any slight change of climate, they will increase in numbers, and, as each area is already fully stocked with inhabitants, the other species will decrease. When we travel southward and see a species decreasing in numbers, we may feel sure that the cause lies quite as much in other species being favoured, as in this one being hurt. So it is when we travel northward, but in a somewhat lesser degree, for the number of species of all kinds, and therefore of competitors, decreases northwards; hence in going northward, or in ascending a mountain, we far oftener meet with stunted forms, due to the directly injurious action of climate, than we do in proceeding southwards or in descending a mountain. When we reach the Arctic regions, or snow-capped summits, or absolute deserts, the struggle for life is almost exclusively with the elements.That climate acts in main part indirectly by favouring other species, we may clearly see in the prodigious number of plants in our gardens which can perfectly well endure our climate, but which never become naturalised, for they cannot compete with our native plants, nor resist destruction by our native animals.
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      'And the premium, Stamp included, is a thousand pounds,' said Mr. Spenlow. 'As I have mentioned to Miss Trotwood, I am actuated by no mercenary considerations; few men are less so, I believe; but Mr. Jorkins has his opinions on these subjects, and I am bound to respect Mr. Jorkins's opinions. Mr. Jorkins thinks a thousand pounds too little, in short.'

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