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1. 但产品包装上显示的却是广东的化妆品生产许可。
2.   I sat down quite disembarrassed. A reception of finished politenesswould probably have confused me: I could not have returned or repaidit by answering grace and elegance on my part; but harsh capricelaid me under no obligation; on the contrary, a decent quiescence,under the freak of manner, gave me the advantage. Besides, theeccentricity of the proceeding was piquant: I felt interested to seehow he would go on.
3.   "Oh," thought Carrie, "if she were to come here and see him?"
4. 但长租公寓风口期已过,市场被几大巨头瓜分殆尽,他所在的公司不得不将长租公寓业务边缘化,这促使他重新思考自己的定位。
5.   The princess was of course most anxious to entertain the Sultan in a fitting way, but as she had no experience in court customs she ran to the Talking Bird, and begged he would advise her as to what dishes should be served.
6. 据了解,为强化打击恶意欠薪、拒不支付劳动报酬违法犯罪活动,长沙市公安局治安支队积极筹划,抽调专业人员进驻长沙市政府根治欠薪工作专班,会同专班负责全市根治欠薪工作综合协调、整治工作


1. 报道称,这些基金把矛头指向那些在美国退市、而后以3到5倍于私有化估值的股价在中国国内证交所重新上市的公司,包括分众传媒、巨人网络和完美世界。
2.   "My dear, will you be so kind as to show me the house of kingAlcinous? I am an unfortunate foreigner in distress, and do not knowone in your town and country."
3. 毕胜认为百度的广告位置,全中国都没人可以比他更便宜地拿到,因为主管此事的百度负责人曾经是自己的秘书。
4.   I shook my head, and said, 'Not a bit.' Traddles also shook his head, and said, 'Not a bit.'
5. X
6. 如果想要尝试运动之外的其他功能,Keep的定位功能可以帮助用户查找附近的其他跑步者,发送添加好友申请。


1. 年关将至,天府新区民警提醒,以下伎俩都是骗子套路,一定要捂紧钱包,谨防被骗。
2.   "We soon reached his cave, but he was out shepherding, so we wentinside and took stock of all that we could see. His cheese-rackswere loaded with cheeses, and he had more lambs and kids than his penscould hold. They were kept in separate flocks; first there were thehoggets, then the oldest of the younger lambs and lastly the veryyoung ones all kept apart from one another; as for his dairy, allthe vessels, bowls, and milk pails into which he milked, were swimmingwith whey. When they saw all this, my men begged me to let themfirst steal some cheeses, and make off with them to the ship; theywould then return, drive down the lambs and kids, put them on boardand sail away with them. It would have been indeed better if we haddone so but I would not listen to them, for I wanted to see theowner himself, in the hope that he might give me a present. When,however, we saw him my poor men found him ill to deal with.
3. Yao has been at the center of a hostile takeover battle for China's largest real estate developer China Vanke Co Ltd (000002.SZ).
4. He meant me, but Jeff seemed most impressed.
5.   Student (reads)
6.   'Is Mr. Rochester an exacting, fastidious sort of man?'


1.   "Mr. Gibson is a very strong, self-contained man. I do not thinkthat he would ever show his emotions on the surface. But I, who knewhim so well, could see that he was deeply concerned."
2.   Thus sang the bard, and both Ulysses and the seafaring Phaeacianswere charmed as they heard him.
3. “金真是一个奇妙的东西!谁有了它,谁就成为他想要的一切东西的主人。有了金,甚至可以使灵魂升入天堂。”(哥伦布1503年寄自牙买加的信)
4. In course of time she realized that if her wretchedness had not made her forget things, she would have known that poor, dull Ermengarde was not to be blamed for her unready, awkward ways. She was always awkward, and the more she felt, the more stupid she was given to being.
5.   We both sat in silence for some little time after listening tothis extraordinary narrative. Then Sherlock Holmes pulled down fromthe shelf one of the ponderous commonplace books in which he placedhis cuttings.
6.   "Go now," quoth she, "and do my lord's behest. And one thing would I pray you of your grace, *But if* my lord forbade you at the least, *unless* Bury this little body in some place, That neither beasts nor birdes it arace."* *tear <10> But he no word would to that purpose say, But took the child and went upon his way.


1. 相比于改革开放之初进城打工的农民工,新生代农民工的受教育水平提高,获取信息和知识的能力更强,他们对当前的工作与未来的职业发展有更高的期待,因此格外关注自身的劳动权利,不再忍受低工资、长工时的工作环境,更愿意主动行动来争取更好的工作条件与薪酬待遇。
2. 据报道,这只浣熊喝的是路边酒瓶子里剩下的酒。
3. 董明珠给格力电器的发展蓝图写下万物互联的注脚,外界目前更为关心的是,自今年4月份开始的格力电器国有股权转让事项尘埃落定后,新股东高瓴资本能给格力电器带来哪些发展上的助力?最起码我现在没有看到。

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      "Thus did he pray, and Neptune heard his prayer. Then he picked up arock much larger than the first, swung it aloft and hurled it withprodigious force. It fell just short of the ship, but was within alittle of hitting the end of the rudder. The sea quaked as the rockfell into it, and the wash of the wave it raised drove us onwards onour way towards the shore of the island.

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      "Come, come," said the young man, "a glass of wine, father,will revive you. Where do you keep your wine?"

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      "On this Hercules went down again into the house of Hades, but Istayed where I was in case some other of the mighty dead should cometo me. And I should have seen still other of them that are gonebefore, whom I would fain have seen- Theseus and Pirithous gloriouschildren of the gods, but so many thousands of ghosts came round meand uttered such appalling cries, that I was panic stricken lestProserpine should send up from the house of Hades the head of thatawful monster Gorgon. On this I hastened back to my ship and orderedmy men to go on board at once and loose the hawsers; so theyembarked and took their places, whereon the ship went down thestream of the river Oceanus. We had to row at first, but presently afair wind sprang up.

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