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1. 此外,公交客一公司配合此次地铁停运,调整3条多样化线路站位。
2.   All John Reed's violent tyrannies, all his sisters' proudindifference, all his mother's aversion, all the servants' partiality,turned up in my disturbed mind like a dark deposit in a turbid well.Why was I always suffering, always browbeaten, always accused, forever condemned? Why could I never please? Why was it useless to try towin any one's favour? Eliza, who, was headstrong and selfish, wasrespected. Georgiana, who had a spoiled temper, a very acrid spite,a captious and insolent carriage, was universally indulged. Herbeauty, her pink cheeks and golden curls, seemed to give delight toall who, looked at her, and to purchase indemnity for every fault.John no one thwarted, much less punished; though he twisted thenecks of the pigeons, killed the little pea-chicks, set the dogs atthe sheep, stripped the hothouse vines of their fruit, and broke thebuds off the choicest plants in the conservatory: he called his mother'old girl,' too; sometimes reviled her for her dark skin, similar tohis own; bluntly disregarded her wishes; not unfrequently tore andspoiled her silk attire; and he was still 'her own darling.' I daredcommit no fault: I strove to fulfil every duty; and I was termednaughty and tiresome, sullen and sneaking, from morning to noon, andfrom noon to night.
3. 首先,在1016年,中国的宋朝可不认为全世界有什么平起平坐的政治实体,只是让当时位于朝鲜半岛的高丽王朝或越南的大瞿越(DaiCoViet)王朝同样享有代表团地位,对宋朝来说就已经是一个无法想象的羞辱,其他茹毛饮血的海外蛮夷更是不在话下。
4. adj. 全球性的,全世界的,球状的,全局的
5.   "I hadn't heard of him," said Carrie, honestly.
6. 徐州李二起义萧县人李二(兴),曾以家中芝麻赈济饥民,因而人称“芝麻李”。刘福通起义后,芝麻李与社长赵均用同谋响应,联络贫民彭大(又作者彭、彭二)等八人,歃血为盟。一三五一年八月十日,李二等八人,伪装为挑河夫,乘夜投徐州城。四人入城,四人留城外。至四更,城内四人点起四火,齐声呐喊,城外四人也点起四火响应,内外喧呼,城中大乱。城中四人夺守门军武器,外四人也趁势拥入,同声叫杀。天明又树大旗募人从军,应募者至十余万。于是遣众四出作战,占有徐州附近各县及宿州、五河、虹县、丰、沛、灵壁,西至安丰、濠、泗。徐州是修治黄河的地区,民夫聚集,人心不安,起义因而得到迅猛的发展。这里扼黄河与运河交会的要冲,农民军占据徐州,对元朝政府是极大的威胁。


1.   Guided by theoretical considerations, I thought that some interesting results might be obtained in regard to the nature and relations of the species which vary most, by tabulating all the varieties in several well-worked floras. At first this seemed a simple task; but Mr H. C. Watson, to whom I am much indebted for valuable advice and assistance on this subject, soon convinced me that there were many difficulties, as did subsequently Dr Hooker, even in stronger terms. I shall reserve for my future work the discussion of these difficulties, and the tables themselves of the proportional numbers of the varying species. Dr Hooker permits me to add, that after having carefully read my manuscript, and examined the tables, he thinks that the following statements are fairly well established. The whole subject, however, treated as it necessarily here is with much brevity, is rather perplexing, and allusions cannot be avoided to the 'struggle for existence,' 'divergence of character,' and other questions, hereafter to be discussed.
2. 3M公司研发的CMP抛光垫即是面向先进节点的半导体制造。
3.   Not long since, there lived in Naples, an honest meane man, whodid take to Wife, a fayre and lustie young Woman, being namedPeronella.-He professing the Trade of a Mason, and shee Carding andSpinning, maintained themselves in a reasonable condition, abating andabounding as their Fortunes served. It came to passe, that acertayne young man, well observing the beauty and good parts ofPeronella, became much addicted in affection towardes her: and byhis often and secret sollicitations, which he found not to beunkindely entertayned; his successe proved answerable to his hope,no unindifferencie appearing in their purposes, but where her estateseemed weakest, his supplies made an addition of more strength.
4. 从疫情角度来看,给家属造成的照护负担并没有比之前更大。
5. "See here," said I. "Here was this dreadful period when they got far too thick, and decided to limit the population. We have a lot of talk about that among us, but your position is so different that I'd like to know a little more about it.
6. 袁世凯统治时期,各省虽然说有抗命的行为,但基本上是听话的,各省的税款也基本是要上解中央的。但到了段祺瑞时代,戛然而止,没人给中央送钱了,而且中央没办法对这种行为进行处罚。各省都有自己的借口,比如说,因为此前跟国民党打过一仗,所以地方不甚太平,军饷也有欠发,只能把地方财政截留了,不然士兵就要哗变了。中央若是想要我们上解税款,那就先帮我们把军饷发了吧,先把军费拨下来再说。然后各省就会开出一个天文数字般的军费,如果地方一共只能往中央上解一百万税款,那么它常常告诉中央需要一千万才能弥补军费损失。中央怎么可能做得到呢?根本做不到。而且,中央根本没有能力对这些地方军头进行处罚,不可能因为不上解税款就把他们撤了。袁世凯都不可能撤换督军,那么段祺瑞就更做不到了,因为他只是袁世凯手下众多大将之一,权威已经大大消解了,哪有资格随便撤换地方督军的位置啊。


1. 在这之后,利用的歌声合成软件进行创作的原创歌曲也开始在niconico的平台上活跃起来,而其中部分歌曲的水准甚至能媲美业界。
2. "Heigh-ho, little Sara!" he said to himself "I don't believe you know how much your daddy will miss you."
3.   "But I ought to be gone, too. And the disappearance of hismoney; how am I to justify it if I am here?"
4.   "In the Corso."
5. 一般民众,跟病人无密切接触,身体部位有衣服遮挡,没有暴露,所以完全没必要反复洗澡。
6.   The sweet scents of the summer night rose all around him, and rose, as the rain falls, impartially, on the dusty, ragged, and toil-worn group at the fountain not far away; to whom the mender of roads, with the aid of the blue cap without which he was nothing, still enlarged upon his man like a spectre, as long as they could bear it. By degrees, as they could bear no more, they dropped off one by one, and lights twinkled in little casements; which lights, as the casements darkened, and more stars came out, seemed to have shot up into the sky instead of having been extinguished.


1. 原标题:硅兔News|WeWork新CEO为房地产老将,2月18日上任作者|Stephanie,Jasper,Chloe,Zayden,Vanessa,Cara责编|Lu美编|WW,Lu热议话题WeWork新CEO为房地产老将,2月18日上任WeWork任命房地产业资深人士SandeepMathrani为新任CEO。
2. 因此,39%的90后试图避免使用手机所带来的负面影响,措施包括关闭APP的消息提示功能、限制社交媒体互动频率、以及在某些情况下完全不使用社交媒体等等。
3. 今年5月,一位互联网知名人士公开表示,5G基站密度极其高,因为是毫米波,振动频率高,可能会与水分子和氧分子的一些震荡频率产生共振。
4. Z世代的消费理念和习惯都很不一样。
5. 我们装了满满一购物车,只要是双手能够拿下来的……梁述光27日,梁述光在网上看到有关火神山、雷神山两座医院命名的文章,感觉有点传统文化的味道,获得了灵感,当天下午就开始创作了。
6. 截止到2019年6月30日,钉钉的用户超过2亿,帮助1000万个企业和组织实现了数字化转型。


1. 原标题:阿里小米寒武纪大咖云集。
2. "Some have none at all," I put in mischievously.
3. 根据山东省交通运输厅初步核查分析,上述车辆从德商高速鲁豫界进入山东,在全面查询其通行费交易时发现,该车在山西境内收费1146.25元,河南境内收费99.94元,山东境内收费66.18元。

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