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1. 译序
2.   The laugh was repeated in its low, syllabic tone, and terminated inan odd murmur.
3.   Their hearts sank as they heard him, but Eurymachus again spokesaying:
4. 但无论是依靠保险、电商业务营收,还是依靠筹款利息获得收入,只要是合法所得就无可指摘。
5.   'Miss Trotwood!'
6. "She's always doing something silly," snapped Lavinia. "My mamma says that way of hers of pretending things is silly. She says she will grow up eccentric."


1. 他们需要这样一个理由,因为他们需要以此说服投资人、说服一起创业的合伙人和员工、说服种子用户,有时候也为了说服疲惫的他们自己,尤其是在行业前景也不甚明朗,以及业务爬坡最需要耐心和毅力的时候。
2.   2. Boccaccio opens his book with Adam, whose story is told at much greater length than here. Lydgate, in his translation from Boccaccio, speaks of Adam and Eve as made "of slime of the erth in Damascene the felde."
3. 11月26日,孙女士告诉红星新闻,她带着儿子刚到广场,就看到一位老人骑自行车撞上了一个小男孩。
4. 会议上的其他的气象专家都同意哈伯德的预测。
5. 在这期间,融资靠「忽悠」,而「忽悠」某种意义上讲成为了一种核心能力。
6. 芯片、算法、工具链,三者合一,也是技术部署落地的强大依托。


1. 我们看看今天全世界的股票交易所的市值,过去20多年都是石油公司、汽车公司。
2.   By pious people, it is true, No medium is rejected; Conventicles, and not afew, On Blocksberg are erected.
3. 1. Apple
4. 为防止这对夫妻再偷偷卖掉孩子,办案民警想了一个办法——办理集体户口。
5.   Mephistopheles
6.   King Armanos, delighted with the success of his plans, lost no time in assembling his court and council, to whom he presented his successor, and placing his future son-in-law on the throne made everyone do homage and take oaths of allegiance to the new king.


1.   `The whole point about the sexual problem,' said Hammond, who was a tall thin fellow with a wife and two children, but much more closely connected with a typewriter, `is that there is no point to it. Strictly there is no problem. We don't want to follow a man into the w.c., so why should we want to follow him into bed with a woman? And therein liehe problem. If we took no more notice of the one thing than the other, there'd be no problem. It's all utterly senseless and pointless; a matter of misplaced curiosity.'
2. range
3. 里面的装修和陈设极尽奢华:一只水晶杯上万、一把椅子18万,一盏水晶吊灯40多万,甚至连卫生间的水龙头都是纯银打造的天鹅造型!要知道,当时俏江南一年的纯利润也只有1亿元左右!事实证明张兰又赌对了,“奢华”背后,俏江南声名鹊起,接连为2008年北京奥运会、2010年上海世博会提供餐饮服务。
4. 在医院,我看见一个身穿防护服的医生在接受采访,透过镜头,我看见她眼神里满是疲惫。
5. 但做一个产品不止这么简单,千里之前始于足下,这一步基础需要走好,最后祝福各位产品经理2020年更多收获~本文由@猫宁原创发布于人人都是产品经理。
6. 2017年8月27日,经检察院抗诉,山西高院作出裁定,撤销了阳泉中院的原审判决,并将案件发回阳泉中院重审。


1. 这封情理兼具的公开信一经发出,便引发了广泛关注——用劳荣枝案劝解丽萍自首,本就颇具传播点,再加上此前解丽萍的颜值就成了很多人关注的焦点,这事更是话题性十足。
2. “LBS has a great student body, very diverse in terms of nationality, competitive and intelligent,” commented one American graduate from the class of 2012. “It also gave me the opportunity to study in the US [on exchange] without having to do a purely US-focused American MBA.”
3. 这并不是永安行的第一次IPO申请,在2015年6月,其就有过在A股上市的尝试,但当时并没有引起过多的注意,在共享单车的概念火爆的现在,它的第二份IPO申请则引来了巨大的关注。

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      While his fancies were thus amorously set on fire, the time came,that they must make head against the Prince, who already wasmarching with in the Dukes dominions: wherfore the Duke,Constantine, and all the rest, according to a counsel held among them,went to defend certaine of the Frontiers, to the end that the Princemight passe no further. Remaining there divers dayes together,Constantine (who could thinke on nothing else but the beautifulLady) considered with himself, that while the Duke was now so farrefrom her, it was an easie matter to compasse his intent: Hereupon, thebetter to colour his present returne to Athens, he seemed to besurprized with a sudden extreame sicknesse, in regard whereof (bythe Dukes free license, and leaving all his power to his CosenEmanuel) forthwith he journyed backe to Athens. After someconference had with his sister, about her dishonourable wrongs enduredat his hands onely, by the Lady, he solemnly protested, that if shewere so pleased, hee would aide her powerfully in the matter, bytaking her from the place where shee was, and never more afterward, tobe seene in that Country any more.

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      1. Tyrwhitt, founding on the reference to the Wife of Bath, places this among Chaucer's latest compositions; and states that one Peter de Bukton held the office of king's escheator for Yorkshire in 1397. In some of the old editions, the verses were made the Envoy to the Book of the Duchess Blanche -- in very bad taste, when we consider that the object of that poem was to console John of Gaunt under the loss of his wife.

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