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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The drummer usually allowed his ardent good-nature to get thebetter of his speech. He really did think that Carrie had actedthis particular scene very well, and he wanted her to repeat itin public. His enthusiasm was due to the mere spirit of theoccasion.
2.  "It's a lie," he said, driven to a corner and knowing no otherexcuse.
3.  He gave her credit for feelings superior to Drouet at the firstglance.
4.  "I'm going to strike for a raise in June. They can afford to payit, as much business as I turn in. I'll get it too, don't youforget."
5.  "Scab!" he yelled. "Scab!"
6.  "I'll just go down Broadway," he said to himself.


1.  They walked north on Wabash to Adams Street and then west. Thelights in the stores were already shining out in gushes of goldenhue. The arc lights were sputtering overhead, and high up werethe lighted windows of the tall office buildings. The chill windwhipped in and out in gusty breaths. Homeward bound, the sixo'clock throng bumped and jostled. Light overcoats were turned upabout the ears, hats were pulled down. Little shop-girls wentfluttering by in pairs and fours, chattering, laughing. It was aspectacle of warm-blooded humanity.
2.  Suddenly he turned to considering the peculiarity of herdisposition, expressing her feelings so frankly.
3.  "Tell her to dress and come to the door at once. Her husband isin the hospital, injured, and wants to see her."
4.  Again he folded his hands and looked away over the lawn into thestreet.
5.  After he had studied his paper a few moments longer, he felt thathe ought to modify matters in some way or other. Evidently hiswife was not going to patch up peace at a word. So he said:
6.  "I want to see the manager," she said.He ran away and spoke to one of a group of three men who wereconferring together. One of these came towards her.


1.  "I don't know what I'm going to do about clothes," she said oneevening when they were together. "I need a hat."
3.  "Isn't your name Mason?" asked the manager.
4.  "Not yet," said Carrie.
5.   "Well, you'll want to make up your mind pretty soon, won't you,if we're going?" she returned.
6.  When she was gone, he gave freer play to his feelings. His face,never easily controlled by him, expressed all the perplexity anddisturbance which he felt. Could it be that Carrie had receivedso many visits and yet said nothing about them? Was Hurstwoodlying? What did the chambermaid mean by it, anyway? He hadthought there was something odd about Carrie's manner at thetime. Why did she look so disturbed when he had asked her howmany times Hurstwood had called? By George! He remembered now.There was something strange about the whole thing.


1.  "Can you give me something to do?" said Carrie.
2.  Hurstwood was standing, his coat open, his thumbs in his pockets,the light on his jewels and rings relieving them with agreeabledistinctness. He was the picture of fastidious comfort.
3.  Finally he hit upon one of those problematical propositions whichoften disguise our own desires while leading us to anunderstanding of the difficulties which others make for us, andso discover for us a way. It had not the slightest connectionwith anything intended on his part, and was spoken at randombefore he had given it a moment's serious thought.
4、  By degrees she began to use him. Doing this, however, she lostthe weekly payment of twelve dollars.
5、  "I'd get about fourteen hundred a year out of that."




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      Passing Fifty-ninth Street, he took the west side of CentralPark, which he followed to Seventy-eighth Street. Then heremembered the neighbourhood and turned over to look at the massof buildings erected. It was very much improved. The great openspaces were filling up. Coming back, he kept to the Park until110th Street, and then turned into Seventh Avenue again, reachingthe pretty river by one o'clock.

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      "You, you!" said the manager. "Can't you hear?"

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       On her spiritual side, also, she was rich in feeling, as such anature well might be. Sorrow in her was aroused by many aspectacle--an uncritical upwelling of grief for the weak and thehelpless. She was constantly pained by the sight of the white-faced, ragged men who slopped desperately by her in a sort ofwretched mental stupor. The poorly clad girls who went blowingby her window evenings, hurrying home from some of the shops ofthe West Side, she pitied from the depths of her heart. Shewould stand and bite her lips as they passed, shaking her littlehead and wondering. They had so little, she thought. It was sosad to be ragged and poor. The hang of faded clothes pained hereyes.

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      "No; I've tried. The only thing I can see, if I want to improve,is to get hold of a place of my own."

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    {  "Well, that's for you to say," he answered shrewdly.

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      The man did not take kindly at all to his "No position tochoose." He wanted some one who wasn't thinking of a choice orsomething better. Especially not an old man. He wanted some oneyoung, active, and glad to work actively for a moderate sum.Hurstwood did not please him at all. He had more of an air thanhis employers.}

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      Lola looked at her with big, merry eyes.

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      "He hasn't talked to me about any of these later flames," thoughtHurstwood to himself. "He thinks I think he cares for the girlout there."

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       Vance led the way through lanes of shining tables, at which wereseated parties of two, three, four, five, or six. The air ofassurance and dignity about it all was exceedingly noticeable tothe novitiate. Incandescent lights, the reflection of their glowin polished glasses, and the shine of gilt upon the walls,combined into one tone of light which it requires minutes ofcomplacent observation to separate and take particular note of.The white shirt fronts of the gentlemen, the bright costumes ofthe ladies, diamonds, jewels, fine feathers--all were exceedinglynoticeable.

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    {  Carrie had bathed and was waiting when he arrived. She lookedrefreshed--more delightful than ever, but reserved. Since he hadgone she had resumed somewhat of her cold attitude towards him.Love was not blazing in her heart. He felt it, and his troublesseemed increased. He could not take her in his arms; he did noteven try. Something about her forbade it. In part his opinionwas the result of his own experiences and reflections belowstairs.

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      Carrie got up and sought her lunch box. She was stiff, a littledizzy, and very thirsty. On the way to the small space portionedoff by wood, where all the wraps and lunches were kept, sheencountered the foreman, who stared at her hard.