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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, I should say so. That's the way. Put life into it. Youdid that about a thousand per cent. better than you did theother scene. Now go on and fire up. You can do it. Knock 'em."
2.  "So I was," he exclaimed. "I couldn't help the interruption, butI made up for it afterward by working until two."
3.  "I'll look around," said Carrie, observing that the proposedchange seemed to be a serious thing with him.
4.  That was not before he had become settled, however. Carrie andhe went looking for a flat, as arranged, and found one inSeventy-eighth Street near Amsterdam Avenue. It was a five-storybuilding, and their flat was on the third floor. Owing to thefact that the street was not yet built up solidly, it waspossible to see east to the green tops of the trees in CentralPark and west to the broad waters of the Hudson, a glimpse ofwhich was to be had out of the west windows. For the privilegeof six rooms and a bath, running in a straight line, they werecompelled to pay thirty-five dollars a month--an average, and yetexorbitant, rent for a home at the time. Carrie noticed thedifference between the size of the rooms here and in Chicago andmentioned it.
5.  Neither paid the slightest attention to Hurstwood, who stoodfacing the cold wind, which was chilling him completely, andthinking of his orders.
6.  "That isn't a good house," said Drouet. "You don't want to workat anything like that, anyhow."


1.  "Only fifty dollars."
2.  "Come on," he said, "I'll see you through all right. Get yourselfsome clothes."
3.  Hurstwood smiled grimly, and the boy laughed.
4.  Mrs. Morgan looked at him as if she feared a personal assault.Her eye lightened with resentment.
6.  As yet, Hurstwood had only a thought of pleasure withoutresponsibility. He did not feel that he was doing anything tocomplicate his life. His position was secure, his home-life, ifnot satisfactory, was at least undisturbed, his personal libertyrather untrammelled. Carrie's love represented only so muchadded pleasure. He would enjoy this new gift over and above hisordinary allowance of pleasure. He would be happy with her andhis own affairs would go on as they had, undisturbed.


1.  Mrs. Hurstwood bit her lip.
2.  "Well, I'll be in the barber shop," said the other. "I want toget a shave."
3.  Her first move was to buy a shirt waist, and in studying theseshe found how little her money would buy--how much, if she couldonly use all. She forgot that if she were alone she would haveto pay for a room and board, and imagined that every cent of hereighteen could be spent for clothes and things that she liked.
4.  "No."
5.   "All right," was his only reply. He had long since wearied ofdiscussing the rancorous subject.
6.  Tuesday came, and with it appropriate indecision and speculation.She was in no mood, after her failure of the day before, tohasten forth upon her work-seeking errand, and yet she rebukedherself for what she considered her weakness the day before.Accordingly she started out to revisit the Chicago Opera House,but possessed scarcely enough courage to approach.


1.  Carrie, coming in from another direction, thought she saw Mrs.Vance going away. She strained her eyes, but could not makesure.
2.  Accordingly, when he arrived, he was disappointed to find Carrieout. He trifled about, hoping that she was somewhere in theneighbourhood and would soon return. He constantly listened,expecting to hear her foot on the stair.
3.  As in Chicago, she was seized with stage fright as the very firstentrance of the ballet approached, but later she recovered. Theapparent and painful insignificance of the part took fear awayfrom her. She felt that she was so obscure it did not matter.Fortunately, she did not have to wear tights. A group of twelvewere assigned pretty golden-hued skirts which came only to a lineabout an inch above the knee. Carrie happened to be one of thetwelve.
4、  "I guess I'll go out," he said to himself, and went, strollingnowhere in particular, but feeling somehow that he must go.
5、  She moved her arm.




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      "Are you a stenographer or typewriter?"

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      "What part would they want me to take?"

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       "Oh!" he exclaimed, pushing back from the table, as if to saymore, but letting it go at that. Then he picked up his paper.Carrie left her seat, containing herself with difficulty. He sawshe was hurt.

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      Chapter X

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    {  "Well, I tell you, he does it fine."

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      He looked at the paper a few moments, and then rose up and put onhis coat.}

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      He began to waver in his resolution, when a patrol wagon rolledup and more officers dismounted. Now the track was quicklycleared and the release effected.

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      He took Carrie's little hand, and a current of feeling swept fromone to the other.

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       "I remembered the little girl out there," said Hurstwood, "andcalled once. Thought you wouldn't want her left quite alone."

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    {  After a while, Hurstwood said:

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      Again he folded his hands and looked away over the lawn into thestreet.