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1. [r?b]
2.   When she came to her own rooms, Carrie saw their comparativeinsignificance. She was not so dull but that she could perceivethey were but three small rooms in a moderately well-furnishedboarding-house. She was not contrasting it now with what she hadhad, but what she had so recently seen. The glow of the palatialdoors was still in her eye, the roll of cushioned carriages stillin her ears. What, after all, was Drouet? What was she? At herwindow, she thought it over, rocking to and fro, and gazing outacross the lamp-lit park toward the lamp-lit houses on Warren andAshland avenues. She was too wrought up to care to go down toeat, too pensive to do aught but rock and sing. Some old tunescrept to her lips, and, as she sang them, her heart sank. Shelonged and longed and longed. It was now for the old cottageroom in Columbia City, now the mansion upon the Shore Drive, nowthe fine dress of some lady, now the elegance of some scene. Shewas sad beyond measure, and yet uncertain, wishing, fancying.Finally, it seemed as if all her state was one of loneliness andforsakenness, and she could scarce refrain from trembling at thelip. She hummed and hummed as the moments went by, sitting inthe shadow by the window, and was therein as happy, though shedid not perceive it, as she ever would be.
3. 将信息根据关系和属性分割成不同的组,能够让用户更容易分辨。
4. 再说,张颖根本就没有创过业,完全不知道早期创业者是怎么想。
5. 7. The 2012 Ig Nobel Physics Prize
6.   检测报告将向业主公示  停工后,项目立即委托湖南湖大土木建筑工程检测有限公司进行第三方检测,经反复讨论和研究,最终结论为:对涉及本次拓宇混凝土事件的13#栋21-25层拆除重建,拆除方案已经专家及相关责任主体单位论证,并在2019年12月4日向长沙市望城区建设工程质量安全管理办公室备案并进行现场技术交底,计划在12月10日正式进场拆除施工,拆除施工工期约60天。


1. Facebook创始人、Sweetgreen首席执行官和NorthstarGroup联合创始人投资印尼咖啡品牌KopiKenangan。
2. 牙板马成家的房子距离张四爷家不远。
4. 打开百度地图,有多个路径可以进入到语音录制页面:首页出行助手「语音定制」。
5. 她说:“我们一直在寻找他的遗骨,终于找到了。现在是为他恢复名誉的时候了。”
6.   Matters proceeding on in this manner, and continuing longer thentheir love-sick passions easily could permit, yet neither being ableto finde out any other meanes of helpe; it fortuned that the King ofThunis promised his daughter in marriage to the King of Granada,whereat she grew exceedingly sorrowfull, perceiving, that not onelyshe should be sent further off, by a large distance of way from herfriend, but also be deprived utterly, of all hope ever to enjoy him.And if she could have devised any meanes, either by secret flight fromher Father, or any way else to further her intention, she would haveadventured it for the Princes sake. Gerbino in like maner bearing ofthis purposed marriage, lived in a hell of torments, consultingoftentimes with his soule, how he might be possessed of her bypower, when she should be sent by Sea to her husband, or privatestealing her away from her Fathers Court before: with these andinfinite other thoughts, was he incessantly afflicted, both day andnight.


1. 其次考虑对广告素材的优化,比如活动页的颜色、尺寸大小、文案等。
2. 饭后,丁建照例给远在贵州的萌萌发起视频聊天,女儿在那头忙着玩玩具,说不上几句话。
3. 北京青年报记者注意到,此次展览的一大特色是将考古现场搬进了展厅。
4. 现阶段的公装企业项目管理方法仍旧比较传统、低效落后,这导致公装行业普遍存在成本虚高,进度延误等问题
6. 现在的邓冠群常会想,如果不是1987年的那个决定,自己的人生应该是另一番景象


1. 根据一份声明称,曼谷银行还计划从渣打银行和印尼PTAstraInternational手中收购印尼的中型银行。
2. 经过两天的治疗,患者病情比前面有所稳定,症状明显控制,而且吸氧浓度也下调至60%。
3. 对科学和宗教的误解,多半是由于对宗教的错误定义。人们常常误以为宗教就是迷信、灵性以及对超自然力量或神的信仰。但宗教并不是这些概念。宗教并不等于迷信,因为大多数人都不可能把自己最相信的事称为迷信。自己相信的,一定是“真理”;只有别人相信的,才会是“迷信”。
4. 同事说,你现在有30个口罩,就好像酒柜里摆着30瓶茅台,是大户人家了。
5. 送达处罚决定后,李某于当日全额缴纳罚款。
6.   'Benefactress! benefactress!' said I inwardly: 'they all callMrs. Reed my benefactress; if so, a benefactress is a disagreeablething.'


1.   Proctophantasmist
2. KeyMe是一家提供配锁服务的公司,成立于2012年,总部位于美国纽约,由GregMarsh创立,旨在创新配钥匙的模式,在街头、超市、便利店等地推出了自助配钥匙机。
3. 其中一个表现为,持续不断地看手机,心理会出现紧张、担心、焦虑等情绪,大家会担心疫情到底什么时候过去,蔬菜价格是不是又上涨了等等

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      Now will I speaken of my fourth husband. My fourthe husband was a revellour; This is to say, he had a paramour, And I was young and full of ragerie,* *wantonness Stubborn and strong, and jolly as a pie.* *magpie Then could I dance to a harpe smale, And sing, y-wis,* as any nightingale, *certainly When I had drunk a draught of sweete wine. Metellius, the foule churl, the swine, That with a staff bereft his wife of life For she drank wine, though I had been his wife, Never should he have daunted me from drink: And, after wine, of Venus most I think. For all so sure as cold engenders hail, A liquorish mouth must have a liquorish tail. In woman vinolent* is no defence,** *full of wine *resistance This knowe lechours by experience. But, lord Christ, when that it rememb'reth me Upon my youth, and on my jollity, It tickleth me about mine hearte-root; Unto this day it doth mine hearte boot,* *good That I have had my world as in my time. But age, alas! that all will envenime,* *poison, embitter Hath me bereft my beauty and my pith:* *vigour Let go; farewell; the devil go therewith. The flour is gon, there is no more to tell, The bran, as I best may, now must I sell. But yet to be right merry will I fand.* *try Now forth to tell you of my fourth husband, I say, I in my heart had great despite, That he of any other had delight; But he was quit,* by God and by Saint Joce:<21> *requited, paid back I made for him of the same wood a cross; Not of my body in no foul mannere, But certainly I made folk such cheer, That in his owen grease I made him fry For anger, and for very jealousy. By God, in earth I was his purgatory, For which I hope his soul may be in glory. For, God it wot, he sat full oft and sung, When that his shoe full bitterly him wrung.* *pinched There was no wight, save God and he, that wist In many wise how sore I did him twist.<20> He died when I came from Jerusalem, And lies in grave under the *roode beam:* *cross* Although his tomb is not so curious As was the sepulchre of Darius, Which that Apelles wrought so subtlely. It is but waste to bury them preciously. Let him fare well, God give his soule rest, He is now in his grave and in his chest.

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      `Monseigneur, it is nothing. The trees and the night are all that are here.'

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