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1.   She hesitated, so the Sultan sent away all but the vizir, and bade her speak freely, promising to forgive her beforehand for anything she might say. She then told him of her son's violent love for the princess.
2. 以前,只求增长,不管增长是不是稳定,只考虑用户规模的大渗透,但是不是你的目标用户没有人关注,所以说我们认为这样一个增长时代,品牌需要更加完整的全链路的运营思维。
3.   `Of course not. But sometimes it's intelligent to be half-witted: if you want to make your end. Personally, I consider Bolshevism half-witted; but so do I consider our social life in the west half-witted. So I even consider our far-famed mental life half-witted. We're all as cold as cretins, we're all as passionless as idiots. We're all of us Bolshevists, only we give it another name. We think we're gods...men like gods! It's just the same as Bolshevism. One has to be human, and have a heart and a penis if one is going to escape being either a god or a Bolshevist...for they are the same thing: they're both too good to be true.'
4. 紧接着2018年二审失败,江湖再无江小白的声音此起彼伏。
5. Have some respect for those who are promoting your work and hosting you to remove the gum before the interview begins.
6. 同年9月,被开除党籍、开除公职,其涉嫌犯罪问题被移送检察机关依法审查起诉。


1. 在调查中,新京报记者发现随着近年来美牙市场的发展,很多机构瞄上美牙培训行业,形成美牙培训到材料营销的完整产业链,其中很多机构宣称零基础两天速成,且颁发相应资质证书,以年入百万的广告语吸引学员。
2. 我承认,学习能够编写复杂的,高性能的查询,设计具属性的复杂数据库并不是一件容易的事。
3. 不用说,英、法、德、美、俄、日和其他许多国家也都相信,如果不是自己国家的非凡成就,全人类肯定活得野蛮无知、毫无道德。过去有些人甚至异想天开,以为就连物理定律也是靠着自己这套政治制度和宗教活动才得以维系。例如阿兹特克人(Aztec)就坚信,如果不是他们每年献祭,太阳将不再升起,整个宇宙也将瓦解。
4.   "Your letters full, the paper all y-plainted,* *covered with Commoved have mine heart's pitt; complainings I have eke seen with teares all depainted Your letter, and how ye require me To come again; the which yet may not be; But why, lest that this letter founden were, No mention I make now for fear.
5.   Michaelis heard they were in town, and came running with roses. `Why, whatever's wrong?' he cried. `You're a shadow of yourself. Why, I never saw such a change! Why ever didn't you let me know? Come to Nice with me! Come down to Sicily! Go on, come to Sicily with me. It's lovely there just now. You want sun! You want life! Why, you're wasting away! Come away with me! Come to Africa! Oh, hang Sir Clifford! Chuck him, and come along with me. I'll marry you the minute he divorces you. Come along and try a life! God's love! That place Wragby would kill anybody. Beastly place! Foul place! Kill anybody! Come away with me into the sun! It's the sun you want, of course, and a bit of normal life.'
6.   Chapter 2 - Variation Under Nature


1. 但是能真的遇到这样一个人实在太难,就像流星一样,一辈子也就遇见一两次而已。
2. 1. Bubble With No Name Yet triggers the biggest crash in 30 years
3.   `I think he has a certain sort of generosity.'
4. 国子监立有严格的校规,对监生的思想行为、学习生活管束极严。一三九三年的统计,国子监的学生达到八千一百二十四名。(《南雍志》卷十五),是当时世界上规模宏大的国立大学。
5.   So it was with Clifford. Once he was `well', once he was back at Wragby, and writing his stories, and feeling sure of life, in spite of all, he seemed to forget, and to have recovered all his equanimity. But now, as the years went by, slowly, slowly, Connie felt the bruise of fear and horror coming up, and spreading in him. For a time it had been so deep as to be numb, as it were non-existent. Now slowly it began to assert itself in a spread of fear, almost paralysis. Mentally he still was alert. But the paralysis, the bruise of the too-great shock, was gradually spreading in his affective self.
6. 我们今天选择了一个相对比较独特的视角,从用户增长角度来解读。


1.   In her turn, Helen Burns asked me to explain, and I proceededforthwith to pour out, in my own way, the tale of my sufferings andresentments. Bitter and truculent when excited, I spoke as I felt,without reserve or softening.
2. 但是,很多医疗机构将这一任务交给医院的保健科,而许多医院的保健科人员缺乏必要的公共卫生专业知识。
3. 分布在广大农村的矿场和盐井,也有相当大的数量。各种矿场中,铜矿和铁矿占居主要地位。在十九世纪开始时,全国在采各矿,共有二百九十五处,其中铜矿五十六处,铁矿八十六处,合计约占总数之半。盐井以四川最多,十九世纪初,全省井眼共达九千六百多个,煎锅至少在一万以上。
4.   "Eumaeus, I hear footsteps; I suppose one of your men or some one ofyour acquaintance is coming here, for the dogs are fawning urn him andnot barking."
5. 于是,3位分析师展开了讨论。
6. “Where ETFs have grown — in the US and Europe — there is a big ecosystem of financial advisers,” he says. “You need a more advisory model. But until you see people paying for advice rather than paying for commissions, it is hard to see when it will take off.”


1.   In the evening, at which season of all others Saint Antoine turned himself inside out, and sat on doorsteps and window-ledges, and came to the corners of vile streets and courts, for a breath of air, Madame Defarge with her work in her hand was accustomed to pass from place to place and from group to group: a Missionary--there were many like her--such as the world will do well never to breed again. All the women knitted. They knitted worthless things; but, the mechanical work was a mechanical substitute for eating and drinking; the hands moved for the jaws and the digestive apparatus: if the bony fingers had been still, the stomachs would have been more famine-pinched.
2. 这里有两点是要注意的。第一,例子中的两个五角交易被两张时间工资合约代替了,再加新创的一元一双产品交易,当然不会节省交易费用。但我加进第三个孩子只是一个示范假设。真实世界的生产,这安排可以省却很多交易与减少很多厘订价格的麻烦,上节是分析过的。第二,三个孩子的例子,作经理的收入不是零。以时间算工资,擦一双鞋的工资成本必定要低于一元才可以有经理小孩的参与,因为这小经理的服务是要有回报的。
3.   It has often been assumed that man has chosen for domestication animals and plants having an extraordinary inherent tendency to vary, and likewise to withstand diverse climates. I do not dispute that these capacities have added largely to the value of most of our domesticated productions; but how could a savage possibly know, when he first tamed an animal, whether it would vary in succeeding generations, and whether it would endure other climates? Has the little variability of the ass or guinea-fowl, or the small power of endurance of warmth by the reindeer, or of cold by the common camel, prevented their domestication? I cannot doubt that if other animals and plants, equal in number to our domesticated productions, and belonging to equally diverse classes and countries, were taken from a state of nature, and could be made to breed for an equal number of generations under domestication, they would vary on an average as largely as the parent species of our existing domesticated productions have varied.

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