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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Sir Robert shrugged his broad shoulders.
2.  "The grass was growing under it. It had only lain there a fewdays. There was no sign of a place whence it had been taken. Itcorresponds with the injuries. There is no sign of any other weapon.""And the murderer?"
3.  I stepped to my bureau and brought out an enlarged photograph. "Thisis my method in such cases," I explained.
4.  "Mrs. Toller!" cried Miss Hunter.
5.  I had no keener pleasure than in following Holmes in hisprofessional investigations, and in admiring the rapid deductions,as swift as intuitions, and yet always founded on a logical basis,with which he unravelled the problems which were submitted to him. Irapidly threw on my clothes and was ready in a few minutes toaccompany my friend down to the sitting-room. A lady dressed inblack and heavily veiled, who had been sitting in the window, roseas we entered.
6.  Months afterwards a curious newspaper cutting reached us fromBudapest. It told how two Englishmen who had been travelling with awoman had met with a tragic end. They had each been stabbed, it seems,and the Hungarian police were of opinion that they had quarrelledand had inflicted mortal injuries upon each other. Holmes, however,is, I fancy, of a different way of thinking, and he holds to thisday that, if one could find the Grecian girl, one might learn howthe wrongs of herself and her brother came to be avenged.THE END


1.  When I glance over my notes and records of the Sherlock Holmescases between the years '82 and '90, I am faced by so many whichpresent strange and interesting features that it is no easy matterto know which to choose and which to leave. Some, however, havealready gained publicity through the papers, and others have notoffered a field for those peculiar qualities which my friendpossessed in so high a degree, and which it is the object of thesepapers to illustrate. Some, too, have baffled his analyticalskill, and would be, as narratives, beginnings without an ending,while others have been but partially cleared up, and have theirexplanations founded rather upon conjecture and surmise than onthat absolute logical proof which was so dear to him. There is,however, one of these last which was so remarkable in its detailsand so startling in its results that I am tempted to give someaccount of it in spite of the fact that there are points inconnection with it which never have been, and probably never willbe, entirely cleared up.
2.  "Good heavens! have you nothing to add?" cried Soames.
3.  MY DEAR WATSON [it said]:
4.  Watson waited until the door was closed, and then he turnedearnestly to his companion.
5.  "It's the Napoleon bust business again," said Lestrade. "Youseemed interested last night, Mr. Holmes, so I thought perhaps youwould be glad to be present now that the affair has taken a verymuch graver turn."
6.  We passed the pretty cottage where the murdered man had lived andwalked up an oak-lined avenue to the fine old Queen Anne house,which bears the date of Malplaquet upon the lintel of the door. Holmesand the inspector led us round it until we came to the side gate,which is separated by a stretch of garden from the hedge which linesthe road. A constable was standing at the kitchen door."Throw the door open, officer," said Holmes. "Now, it was on thosestairs that Young Mr. Cunningham stood and saw the two menstruggling just where we are. Old Mr. Cunningham was at thatwindow-the second on the left-and he saw the fellow get away just tothe left of that bush. So did the son. They are both sure of it onaccount of the bush. Then Mr. Alec ran out and knelt beside thewounded man. The ground is very hard, you see, and there are nomarks to guide us." As he spoke two men came down the garden path,from round the angle of the house. The one was an elderly man, witha strong, deep-lined, heavy-eyed face; the other a dashing youngfellow, whose bright, smiling expression and showy dress were instrange contrast with the business which had brought us there."Still at it, then?" said he to Holmes. "I thought you Londonerswere never at fault. You don't seem to be so very quick, after all.""Ah, you must give us a little time," said Holmes good-humouredly."You'll want it," said young Alec Cunningham. "Why, I don't see thatwe have any clue at all."


1.  "On the contrary," said Holmes, "out of my last fifty-three cases myname has only appeared in four, and the police have had all the creditin forty-nine. I don't blame you for not knowing this, for you areyoung and inexperienced, but if you wish to get on in your newduties you will work with me and not against me."
2.  "Excuse me if I allude to that which is painful to you, but I haveno alternative. Do you think that the Duchess had anything to dowith the matter?"
3.  "This is indeed an unexpected development," said my friend when wehad regained the cab. "I wonder if the death was natural, or whetherthe poor old fellow killed himself! If the latter, may it be takenas some sign of self-reproach for duty neglected? We must leave thatquestion to the future. Now we shall turn to the Cadogan Wests."A small but well-kept house in the outskirts of the town shelteredthe bereaved mother. The old lady was too dazed with grief to be ofany use to us, but at her side was a white-faced young lady, whointroduced herself as Miss Violet Westbury, the fiancee of the deadman, and the last to see him upon that fatal night.
4.  "I must take the view, your Grace, that when a man embarks upon acrime, he is morally guilty of any other crime which may spring fromit."
5.   "She is there," said Holmes, and he pointed to a high bookcase inthe corner of the room.
6.  "Certainly."


1.  "The butler shall show you out."
2.  "Yes, I remember it well."
3.  "There was a pause then for about ten minutes, as if the personwere waiting to see whether the noise had awakened me. Then I hearda gentle creaking as the window was very slowly opened. I couldstand it no longer, for my nerves are not what they used to be. Isprang out of bed and flung open the shutters. A man was crouchingat the window. I could see little of him, for he was gone like aflash. He was wrapped in some sort of cloak which came across thelower part of his face. One thing only I am sure of, and that isthat he had some weapon in his hand. It looked to me like a longknife. I distinctly saw the gleam of it as he turned to run.""This is most interesting," said Holmes. "Pray what did you dothen?"
4、  "She puts them all down as slanders."
5、  We had all listened intently to this remarkable statement. It wasHolmes who broke the silence.




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      "Drive on! Drive on!" shrieked a harsh voice. The coachman lashedthe horses, and we were left standing in the roadway.

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       "Our birds are flown and the nest empty," said Holmes.

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      My friend seemed struck by this remark.

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    {  "'This was how it came about. I have said that the man wasintelligent, and this very intelligence has caused his ruin, for itseems to have led to an insatiable curiosity about things which didnot in the least concern him. I had no idea of the lengths to whichthis would carry him until the merest accident opened my eyes to it."'I have said that the house is a rambling one. One day last week-onThursday night, to be more exact-I found that I could not sleep,having foolishly taken a cup of strong cafe noir after my dinner.After struggling against it until two in the morning, I felt that itwas quite hopeless, so I rose and lit the candle with the intention ofcontinuing a novel which I was reading. The book, however, had beenleft in the billiard-room, so I pulled on my dressing-gown and startedoff to get it.

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      "Well, well, we can't expect to have it all our own way, Watson," hesaid, at last. "We must come back in the afternoon, if Mr. Hardingwill not be here until then. I am, as you have no doubt surmised,endeavouring to trace these busts to their source, in order to find ifthere is not something peculiar which may account for their remarkablefate. Let us make for Mr. Morse Hudson, of the Kennington Road, andsee if he can throw any light upon the problem."}

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      "Nothing of the kind."

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      Someone was walking in the chapel above. It was the firm, rapid stepof one who came with a definite purpose and knew, well the ground uponwhich he walked. A light streamed down the stairs, and an instantlater the man who bore it was framed in the Gothic archway. He was aterrible figure, huge in stature and fierce in manner. A largestable-lantern which he field in front of him shone upward upon astrong, heavily moustached face and angry eyes, which glared round himinto every recess of the vault, finally fixing themselves with adeadly stare upon my companion and myself.

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       Lady Brackenstall was no ordinary person. Seldom have I seen sograceful a figure, so womanly a presence, and so beautiful a face. Shewas a blonde, golden-haired, blue-eyed, and would no doubt have hadthe perfect complexion which goes with such colouring, had not herrecent experience left her drawn and haggard. Her sufferings werephysical as well as mental, for over one eye rose a hideous,plum-coloured swelling, which her maid, a tall, austere woman, wasbathing assiduously with vinegar and water. The lady lay backexhausted upon a couch, but her quick, observant gaze, as we enteredthe room, and the alert expression of her beautiful features, showedthat neither her wits nor her courage had been shaken by herterrible experience. She was enveloped in a loose dressing-gown ofblue and silver, but a black sequin-covered dinner-dress lay uponthe couch beside her.

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    {  Mrs. Hudson had appeared with a lady's card upon her salver.Holmes glanced at it, raised his eyebrows, and handed it over to me."Ask Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope if she will be kind enough to stepup," said he.

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      "Speaking as a medical man," said I, "it appears to be a case for analienist. The old gentleman's cerebralo processes were disturbed bythe love affair. He made a journey abroad in the hope of breakinghimself of the passion. His letters and the box may be connectedwith some other private transaction- a loan, perhaps, or sharecertificates, which are in the box."