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1.   At this Camaralzaman grew so angry and spoke with so much heat that the king, naturally irritated at being opposed by his son in full council, ordered the prince to be arrested and locked up in an old tower, where he had nothing but a very little furniture, a few books, and a single slave to wait on him.
2. 我妈严重的时候状况很不好,双肺感染,人完全动不了,不想动,甚至不想打针。
3.   Carrie shook her head. Like all women, she was there to objectand be convinced. It was for him to brush the doubts away andclear the path if he could."Why are you going home?" he asked.
4. 但一边是市民举报毁林,一边是当地村民要求施工方拿出审批文件被拒,都需要从最开始的沟通环节反思——环评审批的前提是公众参与,项目当初是否充分征求公众意见?环评及实施情况如何?对此,当地环保部门同样不能保持沉默。
5.   'I have none.'
6.   Forbeare my Lord, Do you not see, in how weake and feeblecondition my Ladie is, being shaken with so violent a sicknesse? Andyou Madam, how kinde and loving soever you are to my Lord, Are youso little carefull of your health, being but now come forth of yoursicke Chamber, to be ruffled and tumbled in such rough manner?Though such dalliances are not amisse in you both; being fitter forthe private Chamber, then an open garden, and in the presence of aservant: yet time and place should alwaies bee respectivelyconsidered, for the avoiding of ill example, and better testimonieof your owne Wisedomes, which ever should be like your selves. Butif so soone, and even in the heate of a yet turbulent sicknesse,your equall love can admit these kisses and embraces: your privateLodginges were much more convenient, where no Servants eye can seesuch Wantonnesse, nor you be reproved of indiscretion, for being toopublique in your Familiaritie. Madame Lydia, sodainely starting, andturning unto her Husband, sayde. What doth Pyrrhus prate? Is he wellin his wittes? Or is he franticke? No Madame, replyed Pyrrhus, I amnot franticke. Are you so fond as to thinke that I do not see yourfolly? Nicostratus wondering at his Words, presently answered. Nowtrust me Pyrrhus, I think thou dreamest. No my Lord, replyedPyrrhus, I dreame not a jot, neither do you, or my Ladie: but ifthis Tree could affoord the like kindnesse to me, as you do to her,there would not a Peare bee left uppon it. How now Pyrrhus? (quothLydia) this language goeth beyond our understanding, it seemeth thouknowest not what thou saist. Beleeve me husband, if I were as wellas ever I have bin, I would climb this tree, to see those idle wonderswhich hee talketh of: for, while he continueth thus above, itappeareth, hee can finde no other prattle, albeit he taketh hismarke amisse.


1. 西方发达国家和新兴工业化国家高新技术产业发展的经验雄辩地证明了这样一个真理:高技术产业和风险投资是一对孪生兄弟,在风险投资贫瘠的土地上不可能出现高技术产业的绿洲。
2. 一、为什么要发行2019年版第五套人民币50元、20元、10元、1元纸币和1元、5角、1角硬币?答:1999年10月,根据中华人民共和国国务院令第268号,中国人民银行发行了第五套人民币。
3. 调查组决定从邓某提到的记录本着手展开调查。
4. 2017年12月26日,永珍万泰员工韩某携带仿制药入境时被广州海关查获,公安机关随后在其负责的仓库内查获40余个品种,共计8000余盒成品仿制药及大量裸药、原材料、外包装等物。
5. 马勇和妻子奚静就在这距离的两端。
6.   23. Bobance: boasting; Ben Jonson's braggart, in "Every Man in his Humour," is named Bobadil.


1. 不过白天的时候,这些患者通常表现出呼吸困难的症状,因为缺氧,出气紧张。
2.   `Be comforted!' he said, `I am not worth such feeling, Miss Manette. An hour or two hence, and the low companions and low habits that I scorn but yield to, will render me less worth such tears as those, than any wretch who creeps along the streets. Be comforted But, within myself, I shall always be, towards you, what I am now, though outwardly I shall be what you have heretofore seen me. The last supplication but one I make to you, is, that you will believe this of me.'
3.   No sooner had this idea taken possession of him than hebecame more composed, arranged his couch to the best of hispower, ate little and slept less, and found existence almostsupportable, because he felt that he could throw it off atpleasure, like a worn-out garment. Two methods ofself-destruction were at his disposal. He could hang himselfwith his handkerchief to the window bars, or refuse food anddie of starvation. But the first was repugnant to him.Dantes had always entertained the greatest horror ofpirates, who are hung up to the yard-arm; he would not dieby what seemed an infamous death. He resolved to adopt thesecond, and began that day to carry out his resolve. Nearlyfour years had passed away; at the end of the second he hadceased to mark the lapse of time.
4. 而如今,Outreach拥有着超过450名全职员工。
5. "My papa is dead!" she kept whispering to herself. "My papa is dead!"
6. 忙碌间隙,汪俊和同事们都期待着这场战争胜利的一刻。


1. 华为的出货量还是不错的,预测是2.4亿,OPPO做了1.3亿,外包了3000万,vivo差不多1.2,小米要少一点。
2. 自2015年始,常程在原联想集团高级副总裁、神奇工场CEO陈旭东领导下全面负责联想手机业务,但自2016年底开始,联想移动业务几次易帅,常程职位也随之调整。
3. 不久后,拉塞尔爱上了一名叫菲利普·莫里斯的狱友。莫里斯出狱后,拉塞尔通过给职员办公室打电话再次越狱,还假冒法官,大幅降低了自己的保释金。为了和莫里斯在一起,他又被捕和逃脱了两次,一度假装自己已经离世。他现在被判终身监禁,但表示看到自己的电影形象很激动。
4. 是1490产线,产能1000万平米。
5. 退一步讲,即便没有其他替代选项,在选址确定后,考虑到如此高的灾害风险等级,在建设施工过程中,也应该排查一切风险隐患,严格落实防灾减灾措施,确保万无一失。
6. 在民警的批评教育下,张某称认识到了自己的错误,未肩负起母亲应尽的责任,并表示希望能将孩子接走继续抚养


1. 和生物制药领域一样,我们相信在互联网医疗领域,未来同样会出现可以与BAT比肩、数千亿市值的航母级企业。
2. "I AM tired," said Sara, dropping on to the lopsided footstool. "Oh, there's Melchisedec, poor thing. He's come to ask for his supper."
3.   O messenger full fill'd of drunkenness, Strong is thy breath, thy limbes falter aye, And thou betrayest alle secretness; Thy mind is lorn,* thou janglest as a jay; *lost Thy face is turned in a new array;* *aspect Where drunkenness reigneth in any rout,* *company There is no counsel hid, withoute doubt.

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