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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Did she give any reason for choosing your house?"
2.  "You could have told us," growled Mr. Bellamy.
3.  "About the same."
4.  "Yes, it is all we can do to make him wash his hands, and his faceis as black as a tinker's. Well, when once his case has beensettled, he will have a regular prison bath; and I think, if you sawhim, you would agree with me that he needed it."
5.  The young woman turned over a sheaf of counterfoils.
6.  "I am afraid I miss the point."


1.  "But left some vindictive feeling, perhaps."
2.  "I do not blame you for feeling it. I should blame you if youexpressed it, since this young lady was in a sense under yourprotection."
3.  "Did you go to Blackheath?"
4.  "Leonardo, the strong man, who gave evidence?"
5.  The hound was secured, and together we carried the professor up tohis room, where Bennett, who had a medical degree, helped me todress his torn throat. The sharp teeth had passed dangerously near thecarotid artery, and the haemorrhage was serious. In half an hour thedanger was past, I had given the patient an injection of morphia,and he had sunk into deep sleep. Then, and only then, were we ableto look at each other and to take stock of the situation."I think a first-class surgeon should see him," said I."For God's sake, no!" cried Bennett. "At present the scandal isconfined to our own household. It is safe with us. If it gets beyondthese walls it will never stop. Consider his position at theuniversity, his European reputation, the feelings of his daughter.""Quite so," said Holmes. "I think it may be quite possible to keepthe matter to ourselves, and also to prevent its recurrence now thatwe have a free hand. The key from the watch-chain, Mr. Bennett.Macphail will guard the patient and let us know if there is anychange. Let us see what we can find in the professor's mysteriousbox."
6.  "I am sure, sir, it was only my practical joke."


1.  "Most certainly-but in the presence of a witness."
2.  "Well, he was once Senator for some Western state, but is betterknown as the greatest gold-mining magnate in the world.""Yes, I know of him. he has surely lived in England for some time.His name is very familiar."
3.  "It will very much depend upon the results of my first
4.  "You are proud of your brains, Holmes, are you not? Think yourselfsmart, don't you? You came across someone who was smarter this time.Now cast your mind back, Holmes. Can you think of no other way youcould have got this thing?"
5.   "It is very much the sort of thing that I expected," said he. "Ofcourse, we do not yet know what the relations may have been betweenAlec Cunningham, William Kirwan, and Annie Morrison. The resultshows that the trap was skilfully baited. I am sure that you cannotfail to be delighted with the traces of heredity shown in the p'sand in the tails of the g's. The absence of the i-dots in the oldman's writing is also most characteristic. Watson, I think our quietrest in the country has been a distinct success, and I shall certainlyreturn much invigorated to Baker Street to-morrow."
6.  "No, I have not."


1.  He handed over the paper to our client, who stood staring at amarked advertisement. Holmes and I leaned forward and read it over hisshoulder. This is how it ran:
2.  My client grinned mischievously.
3.  Witness: He mumbled a few words, but I could only catch someallusion to a rat.
4、  "To the man who loves art for its own sake," remarked SherlockHolmes, tossing aside the advertisement sheet of the DailyTelegraph, "it is frequently in its least important and lowliestmanifestations that the keenest pleasure is to be derived. It ispleasant to me to observe, Watson, that you have so far grasped thistruth that in these little records of our cases which you have beengood enough to draw up, and, I am bound to say, occasionally toembellish, you have given prominence not so much to the many causescelebres and sensational trials in which I have figured but ratherto those incidents which may have been trivial in themselves, butwhich have given room for those faculties of deduction and oflogical synthesis which I have made my special province.""And yet," said I, smiling, "I cannot quite hold myself absolvedfrom the charge of sensationalism which has been urged against myrecords."
5、  "Would he not have hidden a couple, had he desired to give theidea that they had gone off upon them?"




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      "I am afraid that this is a bad business, Watson," said my companionas he returned after accompanying Mr. Grant Munro to the door. "Whatdo you make of it?"

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      "They're married?" I gasped.

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       "On May 1st the boy arrived, that being the beginning of thesummer term. He was a charming youth, and he soon fell into ourways. I may tell you- I trust that I am not indiscreet, buthalf-confidences are absurd in such a case- that he was not entirelyhappy at home. It is an open secret that the Duke's married life hadnot been a peaceful one, and the matter had ended in a separation bymutual consent, the Duchess taking up her residence in the south ofFrance. This had occurred very shortly before, and the boy'ssympathies are known to have been strongly with his mother. He mopedafter her departure from Holdernesse Hall, and it was for thisreason that the Duke desired to send him to my establishment. In afortnight the boy was quite at home with us and was apparentlyabsolutely happy.

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      "Because Inspector Martin from Norwich has just passed through.But maybe you are the surgeons. She's not dead- or wasn't by lastaccounts. You may be in time to save her yet- though it be for thegallows."

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    {  "And what did you see?"

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      "'He slouched out of the room and half an hour afterwards left thehouse, leaving my father in a state of pitiable nervousness. Nightafter night I heard him pacing his room, and it was just as he wasrecovering his confidence that the blow did at last fall.'"'And how?' I asked eagerly.}

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      A quarter of an hour later the table had been cleared and we wereface to face. He had drawn a letter from his pocket.

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      "Yes," I said, "I can follow each of your arguments. I confess,however, that I am unable to understand how you arrive at the doublevisit to the optician."

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       "But the under side is as stained as the upper. It must have lefta mark."

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    {  The door of the left-hand flat upon the third landing was standingajar. Gregson pushed it open. Within all was absolute silence anddarkness. I struck a match and lit the detective's lantern. As I didso, and as the flicker steadied into a flame, we all gave a gasp ofsurprise. On the deal boards of the carpetless floor there wasoutlined a fresh track of blood. The red steps pointed towards usand led away from an inner room, the door of which was closed. Gregsonflung it open and held his light full blaze in front of him, whilewe all peered eagerly over his shoulders.

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      "Yes, and the bottle stands as they left it."