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1.   Wearisome is my life to me,
2. 在实施大规模救助行动的同时,德国财政部昨天还宣布,政府将为所有私人储蓄帐户提供全额担保,以安抚德国公民为个人储蓄安全担忧情绪。德国总理默克尔说:"我们要对存款人说你们的存款是安全的联邦政府向你们保证这一点。"
3.   "I pretended that I had a disorder of the skin, and askedfor a little sulphur, which was readily supplied." Danteslaid the different things he had been looking at on thetable, and stood with his head drooping on his breast, asthough overwhelmed by the perseverance and strength ofFaria's mind.
4. It was darker there, but we felt it highly necessary to put as much distance as possible behind us; so we waded, jumped, and clambered down that rocky riverbed, in the flickering black and white moonlight and leaf shadow, till growing daylight forced a halt.
5.   The colonel waved his hand towards my friend, and the inspectorbowed.
6.   `You know that your parents had no great possession, and that what they had was secured to your mother and to you. There has been no new discovery, of money, or of any other property; but---


1. 忽然她又看看我,补了一句:大城市里没有光棍一说,但庄稼人最好的结婚年龄就那么几年,错过了就难了……11月9日中午林福敬和老伴在家中包饺子吃。
2. 我们在公布的就是最新的定期报告显示,大股东,包括他的关联方对于公司的欠款大概是19.85个亿。
3. 如果隐瞒病情,扩散出去,危害的是社会。
4. 孩子们长大后,张七荣夫妇将他们全部送去外地打工。
5. 豪华品牌如何电动化?车展前夜,奥迪率先占领了第一块高地。
6. 虽然有些公司创建了我们每天远程办公都在使用的通信软件和服务,而且他们在产品营销中以随时随地办公为宣传口号,然而,这些公司却并不支持远程办公。


1. 1978年,萨拉热窝被选为1984年冬季奥运会的主办城市,而洛杉矶作为唯一的候选城市成为夏季奥运会的举办方。这一次,洛杉矶之所以会缺乏竞争对手不仅因为蒙特利尔遭受到严重财政危机的影响,还在于洛杉矶已经连续在1976年和1980年奥运会的申办中失败,这次该轮到它了。另外,奥林匹克运动很少像现在这样处于低潮(无论是在政治上还是在?济上),因此国际奥委会有责任接受洛杉矶的申办。由于这一申办是由私人公司运作的,这显然违反了奥林匹克宪章,洛杉矶市政府拒绝承担哪怕是一美元的成本,尽管市长汤姆o布拉德利希望他所在的城市能够与奥运会亲密接触。在和国际奥委会的契约中,将有两份与此届奥运会相关的合同:一份是国际奥委会和组委会之间的协议,其中规定后者将承担主办城市既定的责任;另一份则是组委会和美国奥委会之间的协议。
2.   30. Many-coloured wings, like those of peacocks, were often given to angels in paintings of the Middle Ages; and in accordance with this fashion Spenser represents the Angel that guarded Sir Guyon ("Faerie Queen," book ii. canto vii.) as having wings "decked with diverse plumes, like painted jay's."
3. │土地│英│投资│利润│生产│产量│售价│收益│谷物地租│货币地租│地租率│
4.   Were but your wine a trifle better, friend, A glass to freedom I would gladlydrain,
5. 这个目标客户群体找的很准,因为中国的咖啡市场是红海,普通上班族是现在咖啡喝得少、以后最有可能被养成和咖啡用户习惯的一群人。
6.   "Softly, gentlemen!" said D'Artagnan, drawing his pistols fromhis belt, "you will kill nobody, if you please!"


1. 屋顶的重量
2. 实际情况很是糟糕。像他自己后来所说的,他实际上“接近于杀死自己——不过是慢性的”。
3.   Eurymachus son of Polybus then said, "Go home, old man, and prophesyto your own children, or it may be worse for them. I can read theseomens myself much better than you can; birds are always flying aboutin the sunshine somewhere or other, but they seldom mean anything.Ulysses has died in a far country, and it is a pity you are not deadalong with him, instead of prating here about omens and adding fuel tothe anger of Telemachus which is fierce enough as it is. I suppose youthink he will give you something for your family, but I tell you-and it shall surely be- when an old man like you, who should knowbetter, talks a young one over till he becomes troublesome, in thefirst place his young friend will only fare so much the worse- he willtake nothing by it, for the suitors will prevent this- and in thenext, we will lay a heavier fine, sir, upon yourself than you willat all like paying, for it will bear hardly upon you. As forTelemachus, I warn him in the presence of you all to send his motherback to her father, who will find her a husband and provide her withall the marriage gifts so dear a daughter may expect. Till we shall goon harassing him with our suit; for we fear no man, and care neitherfor him, with all his fine speeches, nor for any fortune-telling ofyours. You may preach as much as you please, but we shall only hateyou the more. We shall go back and continue to eat up Telemachus'sestate without paying him, till such time as his mother leaves offtormenting us by keeping us day after day on the tiptoe ofexpectation, each vying with the other in his suit for a prize of suchrare perfection. Besides we cannot go after the other women whom weshould marry in due course, but for the way in which she treats us."
4. Western whites have a place within their nations’ new, broader national identities. But unless they accept it, the crisis of whiteness seems likely to continue.
5. 请在购物过程中明确的将您的退款保证放在明显的地方
6. Yu Xiuhua, born with cerebral palsy, lived a quiet village life. She is now a literary sensation whose vivid, erotic poems are “stained with blood.”


1. 他依然想把话题转到他的磁铁上去,而她又把话题扭到了钡上来。
2. 鸡战斗鸡有些事情费尽心力也没能做好,有时是因为钻入牛角尖而不自知。
3. 但由于当时芯片太贵,互联网公司太烧钱了,一两年下来,公司大概烧了几百万(相当于现在的上千万),最后也没有成功。

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      And, indeed, it required but one glance at MademoiselleDanglars to comprehend the justness of Morcerf's remark --she was beautiful, but her beauty was of too marked anddecided a character to please a fastidious taste; her hairwas raven black, but its natural waves seemed somewhatrebellious; her eyes, of the same color as her hair, weresurmounted by well-arched brows, whose great defect,however, consisted in an almost habitual frown, while herwhole physiognomy wore that expression of firmness anddecision so little in accordance with the gentler attributesof her sex -- her nose was precisely what a sculptor wouldhave chosen for a chiselled Juno. Her mouth, which mighthave been found fault with as too large, displayed teeth ofpearly whiteness, rendered still more conspicuous by thebrilliant carmine of her lips, contrasting vividly with hernaturally pale complexion. But that which completed thealmost masculine look Morcerf found so little to his taste,was a dark mole, of much larger dimensions than these freaksof nature generally are, placed just at the corner of hermouth; and the effect tended to increase the expression ofself-dependence that characterized her countenance. The restof Mademoiselle Eugenie's person was in perfect keeping withthe head just described; she, indeed, reminded one of Diana,as Chateau-Renaud observed, but her bearing was more haughtyand resolute. As regarded her attainments, the only fault tobe found with them was the same that a fastidiousconnoisseur might have found with her beauty, that they weresomewhat too erudite and masculine for so young a person.She was a perfect linguist, a first-rate artist, wrotepoetry, and composed music; to the study of the latter sheprofessed to be entirely devoted, following it with anindefatigable perseverance, assisted by a schoolfellow, -- ayoung woman without fortune whose talent promised to developinto remarkable powers as a singer. It was rumored that shewas an object of almost paternal interest to one of theprincipal composers of the day, who excited her to spare nopains in the cultivation of her voice, which might hereafterprove a source of wealth and independence. But this counseleffectually decided Mademoiselle Danglars never to commitherself by being seen in public with one destined for atheatrical life; and acting upon this principle, thebanker's daughter, though perfectly willing to allowMademoiselle Louise d'Armilly (that was the name of theyoung virtuosa) to practice with her through the day, tookespecial care not to be seen in her company. Still, thoughnot actually received at the Hotel Danglars in the light ofan acknowledged friend, Louise was treated with far morekindness and consideration than is usually bestowed on agoverness.

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      "You will be lost," said the curate, shaking his headsorrowfully.

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