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1. 国内疫情发展的一举一动,也让在澳大利亚进行学术访问的胡丹日夜牵挂。
2. 注:具体融资金额由投资方或企业方提供,动点科技不做任何背书。
3. 目前全国11个省的52所高校配备了自动售货机,出售艾滋病检测试剂以供学生自查。
4. 景德镇陶瓷大学科技艺术学院党委还对该名学生所在系党总支予以通报批评。
5.   It chanced on a day, a Physicion was brought unto him, being youngin yeeres, but well experienced in his practise: and as hee madetriall of his pulse, Gianetta (who by his Mothers command, attended onhim very diligently) upon some especiall occasion entred into theChamber, which when the young Gentleman perceived, and that sheeneither spake word, nor so much as looked towards him, his heartgrew great in amorous desire, and his pulse did beate beyond thecompasse of ordinary custome; whereof the Physicion made goodobservation, to note how long that fit would continue. No sooner wasGianetta gone forth of the Chamber, but the pulse immediately gaveover beating, which perswaded the Physicion, that some part of thedisease had now discovered it selfe apparantly.
6. 初创期我们的能力很弱,吃了上顿没下顿。


1.   But the genius had made up his mind, and could not be softened. "Do not imagine that you are going to escape so easily," he said. "All I can do is to give you bare life; you will have to learn what happens to people who interfere with me."
2. 比如,硬件销售业务就有就面临着无法发货、时效延长等困境。
3. 在当地出租车司机眼中,去向寨村的肯定是买鱼的客人。
4. 点击进入专题:聚焦新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情。
5. 他们不是专业人士,不具备从繁杂的各项数据中抽丝剥茧梳理优劣的能力,大学排行榜无疑提供了直观易懂的坐标系。
6.   At length, a person better informed on the merits of the case, tumbled against him, and from this person he learned that the funeral was the funeral of One Roger Cly.


1.   The six days' labour of a god, my friend, Who doth himself cry bravo, at theend, By something clever doubtless should be crown'd. For this time gazeyour fill, and when you please Just such a prize for you I can provide; Howblest is he to whom kind fate decrees, To take her to his home, a lovely bride!(Faust continues to gaze into the mirror. Mephistopheles stretching himself onthe settle and playing with the whisk, continues to speak.)Here sit I, like a king upon his throne; My sceptre this; - the crown I wantalone.
2. reflection
3.   Although I loved constantly:
4.   I beg most humbly to salute The gallant with the cloven foot! Let him a . . .have ready here, If he a . . . does not fear.
5. 对此,陆金所方面回应称,集团此前已收到监管批复,将按照相关要求,积极完成消费金融公司的筹建工作。
6.   We accordingly went up a wonderful old staircase; with a balustrade so broad that we might have gone up that, almost as easily; and into a shady old drawing room, lighted by some three or four of the quaint windows I had looked up at from the street: which had old oak seats in them, that seemed to have come of the same trees as the shining oak floor, and the great beams in the ceiling. It was a prettily furnished room, with a piano and some lively furniture in red and green, and some flowers. It seemed to be all old nooks and corners; and in every nook and corner there was some queer little table, or cupboard, or bookcase, or seat, or something or other, that made me think there was not such another good corner in the room; until I looked at the next one, and found it equal to it, if not better. On everything there was the same air of retirement and cleanliness that marked the house outside.


1. 这样工资预计不会少发,只是会很晚。
2. 渤海中学办公室人员拒绝接受采访。
3. 3。小农业和家庭手工业的结合越发牢固小农业和家庭手工业的结合,是秦汉社会生产方式的广阔基础。当时无论是自耕农的小块土地,或是地主的大片土地,还是国家直接经营的土地,都采取个体独立耕种的形式,即以一家一户为基本生产单位,既从事粮食生产,又从事家庭手工业生产,一般以男耕女织为特征。
4. “加之相比创业,高校更注重培养学生的创新意识。这也是大学生创业意向如此低的另一个原因。”
5. There’s a (not so) quiet revolution going on under the hoods of today’s cars, trucks and crossovers if the latest list of best engines compiled by the experts at WardsAuto is any indication. Turbocharged, supercharged and diesel engines – and even one electric motor – dominate the 20th annual 10 Best Engines awards, which, according to Wards, “recognize outstanding powertrain achievement, world-class technologies and those rare engines or electric propulsion systems that are so compelling they help sell the vehicle.”
6. 那时,也是做体育的好时期。


1.   "Yes."
2.   Menelaus was thinking what would be the most proper answer for himto make, but Helen was too quick for him and said, "I will read thismatter as heaven has put it in my heart, and as I doubt not that itwill come to pass. The eagle came from the mountain where it wasbred and has its nest, and in like manner Ulysses, after havingtravelled far and suffered much, will return to take his revenge- ifindeed he is not back already and hatching mischief for the suitors."
3. 随着社会分工的发展,一方面引起劳动分工的增长,一方面也引起行会数目的增加。原来属于一个行业的行会,现在分裂为几个行会。彼此之间,存在着严格的分工限制。这在手工业行会中,表现得最为明显。江西景德镇的陶瓷业中,就划分众多的小行业,分别组成自己的行会。各行之间,“主顾有定,不得乱召”。在苏州的丝织业中,“机张须用泛头,有结综掏泛一业,练丝有槌丝一业,接经有经接头一业,织花缎有上花一业”。均系“各归主顾,不得紊乱搀夺”。有的行业,产与销都是“各归各业”。如苏州线业中,张金业不得兼营金线业,金线业亦不得兼营张金业。各分界限,泾渭分明。这说明在行会制度的条件下,分工的发展和生产的专业比,没有改变手工业的小规模性质,也没有促进行业之间的自由竞争,而只是促使相近行业分成众多的行帮组织,进一步造成城市工商各业彼此之间的对立和隔离状态。

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      "Sir," continued Villefort, "there is something to fearbesides death, old age, and madness. For instance, there isapoplexy -- that lightning-stroke which strikes but does notdestroy you, and yet which brings everything to an end. Youare still yourself as now, and yet you are yourself nolonger; you who, like Ariel, verge on the angelic, are butan inert mass, which, like Caliban, verges on the brutal;and this is called in human tongues, as I tell you, neithermore nor less than apoplexy. Come, if so you will, count,and continue this conversation at my house, any day you maybe willing to see an adversary capable of understanding andanxious to refute you, and I will show you my father, M.Noirtier de Villefort, one of the most fiery Jacobins of theFrench Revolution; that is to say, he had the mostremarkable audacity, seconded by a most powerfulorganization -- a man who has not, perhaps, like yourselfseen all the kingdoms of the earth, but who has helped tooverturn one of the greatest; in fact, a man who believedhimself, like you, one of the envoys, not of God, but of asupreme being; not of providence, but of fate. Well, sir,the rupture of a blood-vessel on the lobe of the brain hasdestroyed all this, not in a day, not in an hour, but in asecond. M. Noirtier, who, on the previous night, was the oldJacobin, the old senator, the old Carbonaro, laughing at theguillotine, the cannon, and the dagger -- M. Noirtier,playing with revolutions -- M. Noirtier, for whom France wasa vast chess-board, from which pawns, rooks, knights, andqueens were to disappear, so that the king was checkmated --M. Noirtier, the redoubtable, was the next morning `poor M.Noirtier,' the helpless old man, at the tender mercies ofthe weakest creature in the household, that is, hisgrandchild, Valentine; a dumb and frozen carcass, in fact,living painlessly on, that time may be given for his frameto decompose without his consciousness of its decay."

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      "You are to use this room, Miss Madenda," said one of the stagelackeys.

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      "But we that knowe thilke name so For virtuous, we may it not withsay." Almach answered, "Choose one of these two, Do sacrifice, or Christendom renay, That thou may'st now escape by that way." At which the holy blissful faire maid Gan for to laugh, and to the judge said;

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